Past Editions

The CTS started as a fun exercise. But we’re proud to have been hosted by several conferences in such a short time!

HITB+Cyberweek 2021

After almost 2 years of virtual conferences, we got back to in-person events with our participation to HITB Abu Dhabi. This event, called Cyberweek, is the largest technical and hacking security conference running in the middle east and supported by the local government of the Emirates. Thanks for choosing CTS for your wireless village! :)

GRCon (GNU Radio Conference) 2021

We are delighted to be invited participating in GRCon – the GNU Radio Conference. GRCon is a well-known and established event running on a regular basis for practitioners in the domain of signal processing and GNU Radio hacking. We participated to this event with our live / online framework and it was a blast! We got the largest number of participants, and for the first time we had contestants solving all signal challenges we created and deployed in the CTS. If you do a bit of OSINT, you can also find some very well-written online write-ups ^_^ 2021 »

HITB+Cyberweek 2020 »

This was our 2nd run with the virtual setup, and everything worked just fine out-of-the-box. We thank the HITB crew for inviting us in participating to HITB+Cyberweek 2020. It was very much fun, and we are looking forward in continuing our journey to the radio signals world! 2020 »

This edition was just awesome! This was our first entirely remote CTS! We ran the contest on an AWS-based RF-over-IP streaming infrastructure, released our client-side tools as open source software, had our first writeups, and a nice community starting to build around the contest. Really proud of this!

PacSec 2019 »

Our yearly appointment with the Eastern world!

HITB+Cyberweek 2019 »

This was our first half-remote CTS! We ran the contest on an AWS-based RF-over-IP streaming infrastructure, with the help of a local team. Although some of us missed the “thrill” of being onsite, the result was a very smooth contest and a reusable, dockerized infrastructure that will likely run the future contests!

HITB Amsterdam 2019 »

CanSecWest 2019 »

HITB Dubai 2018 »

PacSec 2018 »

This was our dry run.